SiteSync is a complete smart metering system that remotely monitors electricity usage at camp sites. Your purchase and subscription will include all of the hardware, software, and support components required — customized for your operation.

The SiteSync

Our commercial-grade gateway facilitates a wireless flow of information between smart meters and the internet. Using the same technology as utility companies, our commercial-grade Gateway is built to be deployed outdoors and creates an industry-leading 30dBm range LoRa wireless network that covers a 20-mile radius with a single device.

  • Weather-resistent cabinet
  • Two antennas at least 6ft apart
  • Outdoor-rated 200ft ethernet cable
  • Mounting hardware included (pole not included)
  • POE Injector (power over ethernet)
  • Cellular modem
  • Lightning suppression
  • Battery backup
Save Money, Make More

Do away with generic fees and invoice high-volume electricity-usage campers accurately while reducing theft and human error

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SiteSync subscribers receive 5% off our best-in-class picnic tables, fire rings, power outlets, and more!

Rugged & Reliable

Utility-grade and weather-proof with robust connectivity, superior range and signal penetration

One Device Covers 20 miles

30dBm range creates a LoRa network with a 20-mile radius to cover your campground

Warranty & Support

Enjoy support and warranty claims from one unified source (when you utilize Jamestown Advanced Products RV power outlets) — and never get the finger pointing between your pedestal and meter providers

Reduces Labor Needs & Human Error

Real-time remote meter readings for unlimited smart meters means no more time-consuming and error-prone in-person readings

Remote On/Off Commands to Prevent Theft

Instantly and automatically turn power pedestals off when sites are not in use or in the off-season to prevent theft and electricity loss

Seamless Integration with Your Existing PMS

SiteSync’s Owner Portal works right within your property management system of choice

Automatic Billing for Campers

Campers will automatically receive a bill through your PMS at checkout

24/7 System Health Monitoring & Alerts

SiteSync continuously and proactively monitors the health of your electricity system, smart meters, and gateway, sending alerts relating to anticipated or detected power issues

Included Cellular Data

The cellular data required for SiteSync to operate is included in your subscription — no sim cards, additional data plan, or running new ethernet or fiber lines required

What Comes In The Box?

Nearly everything you need to run your SiteSync Gateway is included in the hardware cost.
One weather-proof, utility-grade gateway with a range of 20 miles (30dBm)
Two high gain antennas to create its own network for the smart meters
Cellular modem which will automatically connect to the stronger of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and US Cellular
Power over ethernet (POE) injector to power the gateway
Dedicated, triple protection lightning suppression system
One weather-resistant cabinet to house the power equipment and modem
Battery backup for the gateway
All cables necessary to connect the system together
Hardware to attach the gateway to a pole
Access to the SiteSync Owner Portal
NOT included: A pole to elevate the gateway and antennas

SiteSync subscribers receive 5% off other Jamestown Advanced Products!

Cannot be combined with any other offers; Excludes SiteSync Hardware

Jamestown Advanced Products has been supplying campgrounds with American-made, top-of-the line equipment for over 35 years, including picnic tables, fire rings, trash receptacles, and much more.

Smart Meters

SiteSync Vision XT Smart Meters are the ideal companion to the SiteSync Gateway — high performing and cost effective.

  • Wireless, automated meter reading
  • Easy to install; Universal capability to snap into existing pedestals
  • Low energy usage
  • 120 – 480 input voltage
  • View kWh, kW, and amps on the meter screen
  • Programmable display
  • Shipped with accuracy better than +/- 0.15%
  • No exposed metal parts when installed
  • Designed for 20 year life
  • ANSI C12.18, C12.19, C12.20, C37.90.1 compliant
Looking For Power Pedestals?

Jamestown Advanced Products is an industry leader in power pedestals for campsites. As a SiteSync subscriber, you will receive a 5% discount on all power outlet purchases.

Jamestown Advanced
Products EV Chargers

The sweeping transition to electric vehicles has only just begun, with all-electric RVs already pulling into campgrounds around the country. Stay competitive by offering EV chargers at your campground. The charging ports in Jamestown Advanced Products’ EV Charging Pedestals are built for us by Wallbox, the industry leader and gold standard for both residential and campground chargers.

  • Compact size
  • 40 Amps worth of Level 2 charging
  • Power sharing
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • NEMA Type 4 watertight enclosure
  • ETL Listed

No Additional Fees for EV Chargers!

Monthly fees for Jamestown Advanced Products EV chargers are included in the cost of your SiteSync subscription, with no additional fees to connect additional EV chargers.

Compact Design, Powerful Performance

240-volt Level 2 charging technology in an incredibly small size, charging EVs up to 8x faster than standard Level 1 charging cables

Fully Compatible

Compatible with any electric car currently on the market (including Tesla using the Tesla-provided adapter)

Wi-Fi Connection Required

NOTE: EV chargers that are compatible with SiteSync require stable internet connection via the campground’s Wi-Fi. They cannot connect to the network created by the gateway

What Comes In The Box?

EV Charger
Holster Accessory
Instruction Manual

We’re here to help!

Looking For EV Power Pedestals?

Jamestown Advanced Products is an industry leader in power pedestals for campgrounds. We offer EV-charging-only pedestals compatible with the Jamestown Advanced Products EV Charger, as well as a dual-use power pedestal featuring both a NEMA 14-50 outlet as well as a 20-amp 120-v outlet which can be used simultaneously.

All SiteSync subscribers enjoy 5% of EV Power Pedestals from Jamestown Advanced Products!

The SiteSync
Owner Portal

SiteSync’s Owner Portal is a simple, intuitive, and continuously improving platform where SiteSync Subscribers can control, monitor, create customer bills, and receive support — all in real time. Seamlessly integrating with your existing PMS, the Owner Portal is your bird’s eye view for efficient and effortless electricity management for your entire operation.

Meter & EV Charger Management

Full control of your meters and chargers is at your fingertips. View real-time usage data, create thresholds, see historical data, and turn individual sites — or your entire campground — on or off. 

Customization For Your Campground

Name, group, and organize your meters in the way that makes sense for you — even across multiple campgrounds.

Integration With Your PMS

SiteSync’s Owner Portal will work with your existing PMS.


Receive and react to alerts for spikes, outages, and more, including customizable thresholds and automated actions.

Reservations & Invoicing

Automatically create and send invoices to your customers upon checkout with accurate electricity usage; Set up auto-off.

Real-Time Details

View a detailed power summary in real time for every meter.

Live Support

Connect to SiteSync customer support with live chat right in the Portal (Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm EST).

Questions? We’re here to help!

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