SiteSync was developed in response to our RV power outlet customers who were interested in smart metering, but could not afford the current solutions on the market. Utilizing Jamestown Advanced Products’ 35 years of campground experience, plus an innovative team of campground owners providing feedback, SiteSync was born. Our solution combines an easy installation experience with top cloud-based technology at an affordable price without contracts.

Bringing SiteSync’s money-saving smart metering to your campground starts with a purchase of your hardware, the installation of the system, and then an affordable, no-contract monthly subscription that can be paused during your offseason.

Start your quote through this site or with a Jamestown Advanced Products sales rep
You and a SiteSync expert will determine exactly what your campground needs
Purchase your hardware
Install SiteSync with our anyone-can-do-it instructions
SiteSync goes live with your affordable monthly subscription!
Cost To You
(before taxes)


(* 2023 pricing. Gateway pricing will increase to $5,500 starting in 2024)
The SiteSync Gateway & Cellular Modem

Everything you need to install and operate our 30dBm range, LoRa wireless network gateway, covering unlimited meters within a 20-mile radius with a single device.

SiteSync Smart Meters
(240v or 120v)

Need Financing?

Financing is available for your purchase of SiteSync hardware through our partner Credit Key for up to $50,000 with up to Net-12 month terms.

Subscription Information

SiteSync subscribers receive 5% off other Jamestown Advanced Products!

Cannot be combined with any other offers. Excludes SiteSync Hardware

SiteSync requires an active subscription that comes packed with benefits, including:

  • All necessary services and functions to fully utilize SiteSync’s smart metering system
  • Unlimited meter readings and power on/off commands
  • 24/7 proactive technological monitoring of your power outlets to predict and warn about power problems before they happen
  • Unlimited alerts relating to anticipated or detected power issues
  • Cellular data to connect your SiteSync system to the internet
    (modem and data cannot be used for any other purpose)
  • Integration with your Property Management System
  • Proactive monitoring of the health of your SiteSync system, meters, and modem
  • Software support and live chat
  • No monthly fees to connect any number of Jamestown Advanced Products EV chargers
  • Updates and improvements as we continue to innovate
  • 5% off other Jamestown Advanced Products!
    Cannot be combined with any other offers. Excludes SiteSync Hardware.

Subscription Pricing

Monthly Price (before taxes)

SiteSync Subscription Fee
Cost per monitored meter per month
Cost per monitored EV charger per month
Cost when your campground is closed for the season*†
* $150 Disconnect Fee applies, along with a $150 Reconnect Fee Learn More
† Customers will not be eligible for the 5% discount on other Jamestown Advanced Products while disconnected

Superior Warranty & Service - From a Single Provider

Avoid the issue of having two providers blaming one another and neither fixing the problem.  When you combine SiteSync with Jamestown Advanced Products’ RV power outlets (as many campgrounds already do), you have a single provider to call for support and service. Plus, when purchasing Jamestown Advanced Products’ power pedestals with SiteSync, the manufacturer’s warranty is extended from one year coverage to three years.

SiteSync meters come with a five year warranty, while our gateway comes with a one year warranty. Customer and technical service is also included with your subscription fee, including live chat through your Owner Portal.

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